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Foundation Specifications
• Our foundations are designed for full thickness not nominal. This adds mass and strength.
• Footing height and wall measurements are double checked for accuracy.
• Walls are fully reinforced with 3 rows of 1/2” rebar minimum in 8’ and 9’ high walls and 2 rows in
   knee and frost walls. Rebar is tied in place and continuous to footing uprights at 4’ intervals.
• Rebar is bent around corners for additional strength.
• Full height vertical rebar placed in areas of stress or compaction.
• All footings oversized by 2” for additional stability.
• Quality concrete mixture used in all pours with a 3500 PSI projected rating or better and
   guaranteed by local established concrete corporations.
• We use an all aluminum forming system.
• We will attempt to “Spout Pour” all footings and/or walls whenever possible to save you pumping costs.
• We offer total job layout and surveying if requested.
• We will install your exterior drain tile in hard to reach sites using concrete/rock conveyor for rock cover.
• Competitive discounted rates for pumping/conveying concrete and rock if “spout” pouring is not option.
• Though, our proposals are based on superior workmanship and materials to insure a successful,
   problem free, construction project.  We will consider other competitive bids while still maintaining
   our quality specifications.
• Polywall Stretch Premium Foundation Coating available upon request.