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  1.  6,096 Gallon Tank
  1.  5,505 Gallon Tank
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Holding Tank Construction Specifications
• All tanks to have 8” thick base, walls and caps.
• All residential tanks are fully reinforced with from 620’ to 740’ of 1/2” reinforcing rods including
  wire mesh in the base.
• Quality concrete mixture used in all pours, exceeding state specifications by 500 to 1,000 PSI.
• Highest quality waterstop used in base/wall joint.
• All tanks include one 2’ clean-out riser and cover.
• Additional risers, if needed, can be brought to the site at plumbers request at little or
   no transportation charge.
• Ground water pumping at “wet sites”, are managed at no additional charge.
• Working height of tanks do not exceed 5’9”, keeping the excavating depth to a minimum,
   saving excavating time and minimizing ground water and rock problems.
• Specifications sheets supplied upon request.
• Please call for any pricing or tank information.
Holding Tank Sizes
      4,189 Gallon Tank
       4,608 Gallon Tank
       4,742 Gallon Tank
       4,817 Gallon Tank
       4,308 Gallon Shallow Tank (4’ working capacity)
       5,505 Gallon Tank
       6,096 Gallon Tank
     10,161 Gallon Tank (Commercial Application)